If you are experiencing prolonged stagnation in your life, feeling like you are locked up and not progressing, you might be in spiritual chains. If you have a mysterious circumstance in your life which defies conventional intervention, you might be in spiritual chains. If you feel like you are investing your best efforts but experiencing no fruit, you might be in spiritual chains. If at your age and level of life you still struggle without success to obtain overdue heart desires, you might be in spiritual chains. Unless you take the right spiritual actions to liberate yourself from these chains, this condition may linger a lifetime.

How Chains Work

A chain is a symbol of bondage. It is used to describe the condition of a person in prison, slavery, or captivity. Such condition can be physical or spiritual, but in this article, my focus will be on spiritual chains. Like in physical imprisonment, the evidence of spiritual imprisonment is prolonged limitation which could last a lifetime. An individual locked up in the physical prison has a significantly limited freedom of movement, as his freedom is mainly confined to the prison facility. Though he may have many dreams and aspirations to better his life, his incarceration limits him from realizing them; this will be his condition for the duration of his imprisonment. Here are three reasons for his limitation: first, he is locked up, second, he is monitored by prison guards to prevent escape and third, he is subjected to do only those things dictated by the authority that has locked him up. This is the condition of people in spiritual chains.

This explanation should help you understand that innumerable number of people that appear to be enjoying physical freedom are indeed chained spiritually; though they may have dreams and aspirations, these are mere illusions as the efforts they make to realize them end up in unexplained futility. Although some of these people may be hardworking, they nevertheless enjoy little or no progress in life. They may appear happy externally, inwardly they grieve and have no peace within. They wish they could jump out of themselves, but they cannot because they are bound. They may watch their lives helplessly waste away unless steps are taken to unravel the mystery behind their condition and how it may be reversed. This mystery is often connected to the source of the bondage which I would like to call a gateway. Let me here isolate six areas that are especially important to consider as you examine your life for possible gateways: a life without prayer, covenant, consultation of fortune tellers, household wickedness, living in a cursed territory, and partnership.

A Life Without Prayer

God made man a spirit being and for this reason, what happens to us in the physical has its origin in the spirit. You have heard it being said that the spirit controls the natural. Unless a person purposely takes action to influence how his life is affected in the spirit, his physical life can be a dumping ground for demonic onslaught. The means to change and influence things in your favor in the spirit is prayer of faith. A person who does not know how to pray accepts all that life offers him. On the contrary, a person who prays shapes his life in the direction he wants. However, the prayers that change things are those that are offered to God in the name of Jesus Christ; prayers said to other gods are demonic and make a person predisposed to bondage and entanglement. All other sources of chains discussed below can only be resolved by effective prayer, no matter how difficult the situations might be.


Many people are in spiritual bondage because they have bound their souls in a covenant to another controlling entity. This is mostly true of those involved in the occult or have come out of the occult but have not known how to effectively revoke the covenant they made with demons during initiation. Every covenant carries implied blessings and curses; blessings when terms are kept, and curses and consequences when broken. Depending on the terms, covenants can go beyond the generation of the original parties in the covenant and be transferred to their descendants if not broken. Besides self-imposed covenant, many people today suffer the consequences of covenants that their parents, ancestors, husbands, or wives signed with demons. Dedication of your life or that of your children at occult altars is a covenant with demons. Unlike covenant with God, covenant with Satan has no merit but curses; what may look like blessings will eventually turn out to be curses. The bible speaks about the worship of idolatry such as Baal, Molech, Ashtoreth, and many other gods. All over the world, people make for themselves other gods to which they covenant their souls, whereas, God warns in the bible that people should not make for themselves, molten images as gods. This is a very dangerous thing to do as Satan does not give any free thing. 

Other ways that people dedicate their lives and that of their children is through the use of demonic objects. It is common practice for people who worship other gods than the God of heaven to use objects and substance dedicated to demons as means for personal protection or as luck charms. By using these things, they unknowingly give their lives away to demons. They wear some of these objects, display or hide them in their homes, either in form of physical objects or as substance rubbed to place a mark of protection over their homes and lives. Some even have incisions on their bodies on which they rub demonic powders and concoctions. Some concoctions are made to be taken as drinks. Regardless of the way these substances are administered, they carry the same effect. By doing so, they sell away their destiny to demons and when they begin to experience hardship, they wonder what the cause of their problems could be. A child was given away to demons at birth when her grandmother who was present to help nurse the child dedicated her umbilical cord to demons, unknown to the mother of the child. In that dedication, the grandmother pledged that the child would grow up to serve demons. The child grew up and gave her life to serve the living God instead, but a powerful evil spirit rose and claimed to be the spirit husband of the child. It rose to fight and attempted to kill the child for breaking the oath made on her behalf by her grandmother. She was tormented with the spirit of suicide which lasted a long time until the source was revealed, and deliverance administered.

 If you or your parents were involved in idolatry or the occult, you will need to properly release yourself from the covenant you made to bind your soul to demons during initiation. 

Consultation of Fortune Tellers

Another way people enter chains is through consulting fortune tellers, such as palm readers and demonic prophets. When people consult these agents to tell their fortune, the agents, being servants of Satan, invokes a curse upon their lives by using incantations. Using incantations, the agents secretly dedicate their clients to demons, unaware to them, with coded utterances which their clients do not understand yet are made to accept the terms while they think that the agents are working for their good.

Household Wickedness

People can also be chained when they become victims of household wickedness. People born into hostile environments are mostly victims of household wickedness. Strife in the family amongst competing family members, can make some to turn to the use of diabolical powers to spiritually cause harm to their victims. This is very common in cultures where black witchcraft or voodoo is practiced. By means of witchcraft wicked and jealous people can harm their victims in many ways, such as casting of spells, locking up their destinies, planting disease in their bodies, causing untimely death, madness, failures, infertility, not being able to get married or keep a marriage, and other misfortunes. In the bible, we read of the strife and rivalries amongst the children of king David that led them to kill one another, even of Absalom’s plot to attempt to kill his own father, the king. We also read of the strife between the children of Rachel and Leah in the house of Jacob, just to name a few. If you were born in a hostile family, you could be in chains due to household wickedness. Many prayers and wisdom are needed to overcome household wickedness.

Living in a Cursed Territory

A person can be chained when he lives in a cursed territory. There are some lands that are cursed and people living on such lands will live under a curse whether they know it or not, and their lives are marked with mysterious misfortunes. A land, a house, or even a broader territory could be cursed for various reasons. They can be cursed when they are dedicated to evil spirits, when cursed objects are planted or buried on them, when occult symbols are inscribed on a house or land by agents of darkness, and when demonic rituals are performed on such territories to place a curse. An aggrieved person may curse a land when it is forcefully and unjustly taken from him. This was the case with Naboth who Ahad and Jezebel murdered so they could take away his land from him. In this case, in I Kings 21:19, God cursed Ahab and Jezebel leading to the horrible death of Jezebel. A house, land, or territory where an innocent person is murdered could also be under a curse. We read of the story of Cain and Abel in the bible where God cursed Cain by cursing the land for his sake because he took the life of his innocent brother, Abel. There are also instances where God commanded a house to be demolished because it had been cursed with a plague of leprosy. When a house, land, or territory is cursed, everything in it suffers. When an innocent missionary was murdered in the land of Fiji, a curse came upon the land which afflicted it in many ways including, early death, suicide amongst the people, crops not growing due to barrenness of land, people formed deadly habits like addiction to alcohol leading to early death, and more other misfortune. This did not go away until the elders of that land in Fiji located the family of the victim more than a century later to appeal for forgiveness and make restitution. The elders that made restitution were many generations away from the original people that committed the crime, yet the curse lingered until broken. The land of Israel under king David was afflicted with famine because king Saul had killed some innocent members of the Gibeonites. The famine did not stop under David made restitution to the Gibeonites. If you live in a cursed territory, you might suffer the effect of a curse even if you are not the cause of it. There are instances where people purchased homes which have been cursed due to witchcraft rites and activities performed there by previous owners. If you experience strange occurrences after you have moved into a new home, consider investigating the activities of previous users on that ground.      


Someone can be in chain because of who they partner with. This can happen in a marriage partnership as well as in business partnership. There are even biblical examples of innocent people being troubled when they share a ride with cursed individuals, like in the case of Jonah whose ship was troubled heavily by a storm because Jonah was being troubled by God for his disobedience. Everyone in the ship was troubled, with the ship almost capsizing, until Jonah was cast away from the ship. Many people have been involved in accidents because they have shared rides with cursed individuals, unknown to them. This is the reason that you need to pray for God’s protection before you embark on a trip that involves sharing rides with others. Like in a cursed territory, a person can suffer misfortune because the person they are in union with is under a curse. What affects their partner affects them. King Jehoshaphat of Judah in the bible was a righteous man, but because he partnered with wicked Ahab, king of Israel, to go to war with him, he almost lost his life, but for the grace of God. When at a different time (II Chronicles 20:35-37), Jehoshaphat partnered with Ahab’s son, Ahaziah, to do business, he lost his investment as the ship they made to carry their goods was wrecked in the water. Ahab’s son was a wicked king whom God wanted to destroy for his wickedness. God warns His children to separate from partnering with the ungodly. If you are in a union with a wicked husband, wife, or business partner, you will share in the misfortune of that person, even if you are righteous. If Satan cannot get to you personally, he will do so through the opening your partner has created. 


No matter how difficult the circumstances might be, God has a solution. This is the confidence that we have that with God nothing will be impossible (Luke 1:37). Although God can do all things, He will not intervene unless we purposely involve Him. The way to involve God to help us is through an act of prayer. God makes this clear to us in Luke 18:7-8 “And shall God not avenge His own elect who cry out day and night to Him, though He bears long with them? I tell you that He will avenge them speedily.” I encourage you turn to prayer today.

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Eyes opening. God bless you

April 7, 2018


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Good enlightenment.

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Great searmon

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Enjoyed reading this!

February 23, 2020

Dwight Irwin

Very insightful and clearly explained message. May the Lord cause this ministry to fulfill His divine purpose and open the minds eyes of us readers to see the profound misteryies of our sinless heavenly father words of truth. Amen.

March 26, 2022

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Amen, many thanks for your compliment and prayer.

August 20, 2023

Nancy Fitzpatrick

Your message was POWERFUL! I’m a prayer warrior. I know it’s only through prayer God has kept me.

I just came across your Biblical message after researching the meaning of “chains being broken and falling on the floor “ off of me as I yielded, “in spirit “ to God at Sunday morning worship. I felt weightless after.
Without telling the Bishop of my experience, he had one of his Elders to come to me saying he needed to speak with me. The Bishop’s message to me was “God said your struggles are over. It’s a new day.” I have shared my story with a few family members who are in awe questioning the validity. What I do know God is my Father (heavenly and earthly- never had anyone but Him). I can honestly say, since Sunday, I have a “peace” that I haven’t had before. A “peace “ that tells me It’s a New Day.”
Thank you for your WORD. Please continue the “true gospel” of Jesus Christ. God bless you, your ministry, your family and church family.

October 18, 2023

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