These Chains Must Be Broken

Many people experience situations in their lives for which they cannot find logical causes. They work hard, but have nothing to show for it; have it all together, but can’t find a marriage partner; fail at the verge of success, and the like. What these people may have ignored is the spiritual aspect of the human life.

God’s Solution to “Snakebites”

Those who have been bitten by a snake in the past will testify that the experience is awful. Snakebite is so poisonous that if it’s not quickly treated it could lead to death. God uses a snake as a symbol of Satan. The problems of mankind can be likened to snakebites, and they are the handiwork of Satan.

Locate Your Place In Life

He went to the sea to fish and labored all night in vain and caught nothing. Little did he know that what he was laboring to get was right beside him: His eyes were blinded to reality. He had missed it because of his wrong focus aided by a rash decision.

We Are Fighting the Invisible War

There is an invisible war ravaging the entire human race. This is not the global war on terrorism, neither is it the war between two earthly nations. Rather, it is the warfare against the unseen forces of darkness.

Symptoms of Curses and Demonic Operations

So many people find it difficult to tell whether or not the troubles they have in their lives originate from a curse. Webster’s New World Dictionary and Thesaurus defines a curse as, “a calling on God or the gods to send evil or injury down o n some person or thing.” A curse is sent therefore, for the purpose of causing injuries and destruction.

The Mercy of God

As I sat at the altar, I listened to her give a testimony of how the Lord had delivered her from a hopeless situation, yes! A hopeless situation indeed, my mind reflected on how she had had many sleepless nights crying unto God, up to a couple of days prior to this testimony. I remembered how distressed she was because it was uncertain to her what the outcome of her asylum petition would be.