2019 Retreat

Pavilion of God Christian Church will be returning to Tuscarora to host its 2019 Annual Retreat. Join us as we spend three days to learn more about our savior and enjoy the peace and nature that God has blessed us with.

The retreat will be taking place Thursday, April 18th through Saturday, April 20th 2019. To sign up please call 973-391-7641 or 973-923-0202. You can also email office@pavilionofgod.org. God bless you.


Adults (Riverside Manor) $200*
Adults (Hillside Manor) $190*

*This is for two nights and seven meals in total which includes lunch and dinner on Thursday, breakfast, lunch & dinner on Friday and breakfast and lunch on Saturday. This is double occupancy rate per person. Single occupancy will incur a 35% additional charge.