We Are Fighting the Invisible War

Pastor Joshua Oravbiere

There is an invisible war ravaging the entire human race. This is not the global war on terrorism, neither is it the war between two earthly nations. Rather, it is the warfare against the unseen forces of darkness. This war is more real and fiercer than the visible war that most people are familiar with. Believe it or not, like it or not, know it or not, every human being on the earth surface is involved in this warfare. You might escape going to Iraq, but you cannot escape fighting in this battle. In fact, you enter into the battlefield the very day that your mother became pregnant with you, and you’ll continue to fight until the day you’ll leave the earth. As you read this article, there are invisible arrows directed against you, on a lighter or a heavier scale, by the powers of darkness. Whether it be a negative thought bombarding your mind or a severe demonic attack, these arrows are flying everywhere against mankind.

You must therefore stand up and fight. The Psalmist recognized this truth when he wrote concerning the state of the godly in Psalm 91:5, “You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the arrows that fly by day…” This invisible warfare is not limited in scope to one locality or region of the earth. It is universal and continuous. It cuts across every age, color, race, religion or tribe. It affects the poor as well as the rich. It is a war against your earthly existence and eternal destiny. It is the battle against your spiritual, material and intellectual advancement. Multitudes have been overcome and killed in this battle; a lot have been wounded, paralyzed and rendered impotent; so many have been captured and imprisoned: serving indefinite terms in enemy’s captivities, subjected to severe oppressions and various kinds of tortures and torments. Yet, there are also multitudes that understand the nature and strategies of the warfare, and have taking a stand to fight and resist every affront from the enemies. These are they who know their God: they are strong and are doing exploits against these unseen forces (Daniel 11:32b).

Natural Signs, And Causes of the War

Since this is an invisible warfare, you may want to understand how to recognize when this war is going on in your life, and their causes. There are natural signs for recognizing the effects of this war. You wonder why you are going through series of tough and horrible times; you wonder why these tough times seem to be endless. It is as if you are going through a tunnel without an exit. It is as if you are going on a journey without a particular destination, a trip that has no end. At the root of this battle is the violation of God’s righteous decree: there is no war without a cause.

Therefore, this battle comes about as a result of the divine curses we all inherited from the disobedience of our forefather, Adam, who sinned by breaking God’s righteous law. Other causes of this battle include the covenants your parents and grand parents made with certain unclean spirits, demons, or idols (every covenant or agreement between two parties carries a positive and negative consequence); personal contacts (voluntary or involuntary) with
invisible spirits through initiation into an occult group, practice of idolatry, witchcraft or mysticism, astrology, various kinds of sexual immorality and, use of drugs, pornography, alcohol, demonic and other hard substance, and blood covenant; possession and use of occultic symbols and objects, participation in an unholy bath, the use of spiritual candles, incense, and sacrifices to demon gods. Use of, and addiction to, rock music, reading of books and magazines containing New Age teachings, participation in yoga and eastern meditation as this is linked to Hindu god Brahman. One of Satan’s greatest weapons in America today is the increasingly popular occultic role-playing fantasy games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Other games include Ouija Board and Bloody Mary. Various kinds of divination which includes palm reading, crystal ball reading, water witching, divining rod, pendulum, tarot cards or other card reading, tea leaf reading, and numerology. The above list open doors in your life to these ferocious spirits and make you vulnerable to their attacks. Until these covenants and curses are broken through faith in the power of the blood of Jesus, you may keep struggling till the end of your life on earth. The goal of these evil spirits is to frustrate and totally ruin your life and make you miserable, a nobody, and a non-achiever on earth. They come to steal, to kill and to destroy (John 10:10). You really need to rise up and take an unyielding stand against these ferocious spirits. Ephesians 6:12 says: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places.” This is to say that behind every human confrontation, there is an unseen evil force. Therefore, before you can overcome every physical struggle, you must first fight and overcome the invisible force that is behind it. Psychological counseling is good but where demons are involved, it will be of no use until the demons are first dealt with. This accounts for the failures and frustrations of many people that have gone through a series of counseling without a major change. They see themselves returning to their own vomits, and wallow again in the mire (2 Peter 2:22).

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  1. Karsan bachu

    I have personally and en involved with fighting evil spirits who attacky the mind and sometimes the thoughts s so obvious sometimes can feel someone or sormthing stealing thoughts from the head or mind subconciouse or energy is suddenly run down.at time pple say they find themselves in places,they don’t remember how they got there or who took them there,expecially tenaagers. who blame alcohol for their stupidity ,when under the influence of substance such as drugs and alcohol that’s when these things attacked and they use us to their stupidity.??

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