Symptoms of Curses (Signs That You Might Be Under a Curse)

Pastor Joshua Oravbiere

People often find it difficult to tell whether the crises in their lives originate from a curse. This article is meant to help you resolve this confusion and provide clarity. To do this, it will help to first define what a curse is, then isolate possible sources of curses, and conclude with some life symptoms that can help you tell when a curse is active in your life. 


Webster’s New World Dictionary and Thesaurus defines a curse as, “a calling on God or the gods to send evil or injury down on some person or thing.” The primary indication of an active curse therefore is the presence of injury or misfortune in the victim’s life. Because a curse is a spiritual matter, when it is released on a person or thing, a spiritual agent, usually an evil spirit or a demon, receives a permit to go into action to execute the stipulations of the curse. An evil spirit is invoked because the goal of a curse is to do evil. Until the curse is broken, both the curse and the spiritual agents will continue to run in the victim’s life and may extend to his or her offspring and to the generations that follow. 

The involvement of spiritual agents is based on natural and spiritual laws which govern our universe. It is a mystery that works with certainty like the laws which govern sowing and reaping. Karma or retribution means that what a person sows he/she will surely reap sometime in the future. No one can tell for sure how a seed buried in the ground later grows up to produce abundance of harvest, even though the Sower may have forgotten about the seed. Behind the mystery of a curse though is the operation of evil spirits. Evil spirits are real, but they cannot afflict you unless they find legal access or permit into your life. A curse gives them such legal right. Because demons operate under such legal right, they won’t let go unless the source of the curse is first identified and taken away. 


Although sources of curses can be endless, I will attempt in this article to only focus on four categories:   

A Curse Placed by An Aggrieved Person on Another

“For He has not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted,
nor has He hidden His face from him.
But when he cried to Him, He heard.” Ps 22:24

The definition tells us that a curse is a “calling on….” This means that there is an agent, the aggrieved or the offended, who initiates a curse. This agent either agonizes over a mistreatment or feels naturally helpless on his or her own to contend with the offender, therefore pleads with a higher authority, “God or the gods,” to fight for him/her against the offending agent by sending misfortune upon the offender. For the curse to be effective, it passes through spiritual judicial system where the case is heard and a determination made as to whether the case presented by the aggrieved if justified, or whether the accused is guilty as charged. If the judicial system determines that the cry of the aggrieved is simply a fallacy or a witch hunt, born of hatred, envy or jealousy, the accused is determined innocent, released, and case dismissed. Proverbs 26:2 states that a curse without a cause will not stand. However, if the accusation is justified, it would stand. If you have wrongfully treated and oppressed the innocent, such as forcefully taking away what belongs to another, you might be under a curse. You should consider stopping it, repenting, and making restitution to release yourself from possible consequences.

Inherited Curse from Parents and Ancestors

“The LORD is slow to anger, abounding in love
and forgiving sin and rebellion.
Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished.
He punishes the children for the sin of the
fathers to the third and fourth generation.’” Num 14:18

Some curses are inherited by children from parents and ancestors as indicated in the scripture above. This truth is evident throughout the bible. A case in point was when at the trial of Jesus, the Jews demanded from Pilate that Jesus should be released to them to be crucified. Although the Pilate warned that Jesus was innocent of the charges and that shedding innocent blood would later amount to a curse upon them and their children in form of retribution, they nevertheless preferred the curse. “All the people answered, ‘Let his blood be on us and on our children!’” Matt 27:25. In 2 Samuel 21, there is an interesting account of how Israel under king David suffered famine because king Saul who reigned before him had shed the innocent blood of the Gibeonites. Restitution had to be made by king David to appease the Gibeonites before the famine ceased. The restitution demanded by the Gibeonites was that the blood of seven children of king Saul should also be shed. These seven children were not directly the offenders, yet they suffered for the sin of their father, Saul. You see that not only did the nation of Israel suffer famine due to the curse, but Saul’s children also suffered. Examples of misfortunes that run in some families due to inherited curses include early death, untimely death, disease, failure at verge of success, poverty, addiction of various kinds.   

Self-Imposed Curse Through Breaking of Natural and Spiritual Laws

“All these curses will come upon you.
They will pursue you and overtake you until you are destroyed,
because you did not obey the LORD your God and observe the
commands and decrees he gave you. They will be a sign and
a wonder to you and your descendants forever.” Deut 28:45-46 (read all chapter 28)

Besides verbally accepting a curse as seen in the case of the Jews in the previous section, people also suffer from self-imposed curses. You impose a curse on yourself when you disobey principles of life. People often fall victim of this because they are ignorant of how nature operates. “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” – Hos 4:6. It makes sense to say that only the creator of life can tell us the right way to live on the earth that He created. We live in a complex world and in it there is the right way to live a peaceful and successful life. God the creator has given humanity this right way to live to be fulfilled. This way is the principles for living or the spiritual laws of God. Two kinds of laws govern the universe according to God’s designs. These are natural and spiritual laws. The universe was founded on natural laws by the creator to hold all things in place; they are unchangeable. When these laws are broken, consequences are inevitable, but peace and success are guaranteed when the laws are obeyed. To protect us against breaking natural laws and suffering the consequences, God also gave us spiritual laws which reveal the way we should live to have peace and fulfillment on earth. These spiritual laws are the instructions given us in the bible; they are called the laws or commands of God; today in circular term, people call them principles.

God gave us these laws to simplify life and to navigate the complexity of life safely, peacefully, and successfully. Unfortunately, people have through the ages tagged them as religion. Whether you run a business, keep a relationship, or desire a good health, every aspect of life and nature is governed by laws. God will not alter natural laws because they are the pillars that hold the earth in place. He therefore instructs us on ways we can relate with natural laws to avoid being broken by them when you violate them. For example, by nature when you jump from a tower building the natural laws of gravity will pull you down and kill you – gravity is no respecter of persons. God will not change gravity, but He gives you instruction on how to relate with it to avoid being broken by it. There are also natural laws that govern marriage, health, success, etc. When you undermine the laws of marriage your marriage will suffer. We are supposed to celebrate the goodness of God for giving us this secret, but humans rebel against these instructions instead.

There are also counterfeit ways which lead to failure, pain, and suffering. God warns us against choosing counterfeit ways. In the bible, God’s ways are often referred to as light, blessing, life, wisdom, knowledge, laws, keys etc., while all other ways are called darkness, death, ignorance, cursing, foolishness etc.

When you understand this truth, you will appreciate and study the bible as the manual or book for living rather than as a religious book. When God says, “obey me, obey my command, or obey my voice.” He is in essence saying we should obey these laws. Obedience is for your own good, and not to make God better. As indicated, when you break the law of gravity and jump from a tower building, you know what the consequence would be, yet people break the laws of life every day and still expect life to be smooth. Your obedience does not only lead to personal benefits, but it also leads to global corporate rewards. Obedience makes the earth run in orderly manner, but disobedience leads to disorderliness, crisis, and a threat to divine plan for the earth.

A Curse from Demonic Covenant

“You boast, “We have entered into a covenant with death,
with the grave we have made an agreement.
When an overwhelming scourge sweeps by,
it cannot touch us,
for we have made a lie our refuge
and falsehood our hiding place.
So this is what the Sovereign LORD says:…
Your covenant with death will be annulled;
your agreement with the grave will not stand.
When the overwhelming scourge sweeps by,
you will be beaten down by it.” Isa 28:15-18

 A covenant is a form of agreement between two or more people to be bound to a given cause for mutual benefit. It is usually ratified by blood, oath, or both. It usually comes with an expressed statement of benefits and consequences. When the terms of a covenant are obeyed by the parties, stipulated benefits are mutually enjoyed, but when broken, the disadvantaged party has the right to activate the consequences. This is the same process that runs, in the natural sense, in agreements entered by two or more individuals in their relationship. Each party can enforce the terms of the agreement. People involved in the occult are usually initiated with a covenant rite which often involve the ratification of the covenant by an oath or shedding of their own blood or that of an animal. By this act, they sign off their lives and bind themselves, often for certain rewards, to demonic forces that operate behind the occult. There are people who may not be actively involved in the occult, but patronize their services like in consultation of palm readers, and fortune tellers; it can also be by performance of demonic rituals. When people make such consultation, the normal demonic practice is for their counselors to place a curse on them through incantations, utterances, which are often not understood by their clients, yet powerful. Satan does not give any free things. Patronizing demons through their agents in this manner also bring people under a curse for their allegiance to demons. Those in this category often walk away from this covenant without following due process for revoking the covenant. When they walk away, they soon begin to experience unexplained crisis and misfortunes the source of which they may not know. There are two issues here. First, your covenant with demons or death amounts to a revocation of your allegiance to God and His protection over you. Second, it is unsafe to simply walk away from a covenant with demons without properly hiding under the protection of a higher power – God.


Troubles are the effects of curses, and the source of these troubles is often overlooked. Hence there are so many people who battle with unresolved problems in their lives. These are the kind of problems that defy regular solutions. They are usually prolonged because the causes are hidden. Curses are often hidden either because the actions that led to them are unknown, disregarded, or forgotten with the passing of time. The reason for this article is to give you some signs that God often uses to let you know that an active curse is at work. These symptoms are often overlooked or misunderstood, but they are serious. Regardless of whether you are a believer in the Christian faith, a curse will continue to run until it is specifically broken. You can almost be certain that a curse is at work when you have frankly tried other solutions to resolve your problems but failed to achieve the desired outcome. 

Very often, when problems fail to respond positively to the regular solutions like prayer and fasting, people compromise, and conclude that this must be the will of God for their lives. Brethren, never fail to consider the possibility of the presence of a curse. Jesus Christ came to give you abundant life; He does not delight in your suffering (John 10:10).  

Just as the doctor uses symptoms to diagnose a physical ailment, there are also symptoms that can help you identify the presence of a curse. One key for knowing the legitimacy of a symptom, however, is patterns or continuity. These signs must be continuously present in your life or linage before you can conclude that a curse is in operation. Depending on the nature of the problem, God can use physical symptoms as well as your dream life experience to reveal the presence of a curse.

Some Physical Symptoms:
Physical illness, mental illness, emotional or behavioral problems that defy medical explanation, diagnosis, or treatment. Persistent poverty, backwardness, and non-achievement, despite all sincere efforts to resolve them. Constant failures at the verge of success, constant fear, constant abortions, miscarriages, or barrenness. Addictions to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, games, food, etc. Incest, suicidal thoughts, or a desire to murder. Inability to marry or keep a marriage for a long time. Generational diseases, and catastrophic accidents. No matter how much you pray, believe, or attend miracle services, nothing changes or improves. The conflict may continue unresolved without ever knowing the reason for lack of victory. 

Some Dream Life Symptoms:

Whether or not you believe in dreams, God will sometimes alert you of a curse and the operation of demons in your life through your dreams, while your problem persists, with experiences such as: Not being able to reach your destinations while in your dreams because of the appearance of hindrances in your way such as a river, a ditch, a building, a bush, some cruel creatures, etc. Loss of direction to your destination, seeing yourself once again in your old school and in uniform while you are in a dream. Constantly seeing yourself in a poverty state, almost naked, or improperly dressed in your dreams. Giving birth or nursing babies in the dream, regularly having sex in the dream especially with a stranger. Being regularly pursued by masquerades, mad persons, snakes, dogs, lions, or other animals in your dreams. Constantly climbing stairs, or riding on elevators in a dream, and not reaching your destinations, for reasons such as the stairs being too steep, broken, or has no end, or that the elevator is malfunctioning and does not respond to control. Constantly swimming in a river, and constantly eating food in your dreams. This list can be unending; these are only examples. When you have any of these symptoms, I suggest you examine your life to identify a possible source or consult an experienced deliverance minister to help you trouble shoot and tell whether the symptoms you experience are those of an active curse.

A Quick Solution

Deliverance from a curse and demonic operation is often received by undoing the act that led to the curse. Until then, active demons will not leave, and freedom will be elusive. Here are some examples, which although might seem simple, yet are effective depending on the case. 

  1. To resolve the curse of ignorance, seek the right knowledge. The creator says that people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, not for lack of prayer. 
  2. To resolve the curse invoked by an aggrieved, seek repentance, forgiveness, and restitution.
  3. To resolve inherited curse that runs in a lineage, you need to identify possible source, repent on behalf of your parents and ancestors, and spiritually separate yourself from the curse and submit to Jesus. You may have to identify some dangerous habits in your family line, unlearn them and relearn the good habits, such as in the case of addictions.  
  4. To break away from demonic covenant, seek repentance, forgiveness from God, submit your life to Jesus Christ who can by His blood free you from the unholy blood covenant. Stop patronizing demonic agents.

If you are unable to minister self-deliverance as suggested here, or you still have issues after you have followed the prescriptions, or in more complex cases, you should consult an experienced minister of God who is knowledgeable in this area. Patience and perseverance are required as some problems will take time to go.   


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