Symptoms of Curses and Demonic Operations

Pastor Joshua Oravbiere

So many people find it difficult to tell whether or not the troubles they have in their lives originate from a curse. Webster’s New World Dictionary and Thesaurus defines a curse as, “a calling on God or the gods to send evil or injury down o n some person or thing.” A curse is sent therefore, for the purpose of causing injuries and destructions. Although there are many factors that can give birth to a particular problem, an often-overlooked cause by people is a hidden curse, which allows rooms for demonic operations. When a curse is placed upon someone, the evil forces are authorized and released to execute the stipulations of the curse and an evil spirit (demon) is assigned by the evil forces to enforce that curse. Until the curse is broken, both the curse and the operating demons will continue to run in that person’s life and may extend to his or her offspring and to the generations that follow. Troubles are the effects of curses, and the source of these troubles is often overlooked. Hence there are so many people who battle with unresolved problems in their lives. These are the kind of problems, which defy the regular solutions. They are usually prolonged because the causes are hidden. Curses are often hidden either because the actions that lead to them are unknown, disregarded, or that they are forgotten with the passing of time. But God will reveal them by His Spirit if you ask Him to do so. When He does, He expects you to address them so that He can free you from the curse. The reason for this article is to give you some signs that God often uses to let you know that there is a curse in operation. These symptoms are often overlooked or misunderstood, but they are serious. Regardless of whether or not you are a believer, a curse will continue to run until it is specifically broken. You can almost be certain that a curse is at work when you have frankly tried other solutions to resolve your troubles, but failed to achieve the desired outcome. Very often, when problems fail to respond positively to the applied solutions, people compromise, and come to the conclusion that this must be the will of God for their lives. They suffer with the wrong notion that they are doing God’s will and that God wants it so. Brethren, never fail to consider the possibility of the presence of a curse, unless God specifically tells you like He told Apostle Paul that, “My grace is sufficient for you” (2 Cor. 12:9). Only the thief comes with the intention to kill, steal, and destroy: this is the purpose of a curse. But Christ came to give you abundant life, and does not delight in your suffering (John 10:10).

The sources or roots of curses can come under the following broad categories: Inheritance, involvement with unclean and unholy things, territorial rights violations, performance of demonic rituals, and some other distinct situations and actions. A curse may be placed by an aggrieved person, by Satan, or by God due to certain sins, offenses, and wrongdoings somewhere in your past or present. Regardless of who placed the curse, a demon is always assigned to execute it.

If an area of your life is marked by failures, defeats, and catastrophes, in spite of all sincere efforts you have made to resolve them, it is time for you to begin to consider the hidden cause. This hidden cause is usually a judgment for a certain sin, offense, or wrongdoing in your past or present. We have example of this in Joshua chapter 7 where Israel suffered defeat at the battle against the small people of Ai, after having victory in a major battle against Jericho. When they asked God for the reason for their defeat, God told them that there was a curse in the camp. Achan had brought the accursed things from Jericho to the camp of Israel against God’s instruction. And until the curse was removed God’s presence was taken away from them and they would have continued to suffer defeat had they not broken the curse. Just as the doctor uses symptoms to diagnose a physical ailment, there are also symptoms that can help us identify the presence of a curse. One key for knowing the legitimacy of these symptoms however, is constancy. These signs must be constantly present in your life or linage before you can conclude that a curse is in operation. Depending on the nature of the problem, God can use physical symptoms as well as your dream life experience to reveal the presence of a curse.

Some Physical Symptoms:

Physical illness, mental illness, emotional or behavioral problems that defy medical explanation, diagnosis, or treatment; Persistent poverty, backwardness, and non-achievement, despite all sincere efforts to resolve them; Constant failures at the verge of success; Constant fear; Constant abortions, or barrenness; Addictions to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, games, food, etc.; Incest; Suicidal thoughts, or a desire to murder; Inability to marry or keep a marriage for a long time; Generational diseases; Catastrophic accidents. No matter how much you pray, believe, or attend miracle services, nothing changes or improves. The conflict may continue unresolved without any revelation from God as to the reason for the lack of victory.

Some Dream Life Symptoms:

Whether or not you believe in dreams, God will sometimes alert you of the operation of demons in your life through your dreams, while your problem persists, with experiences such as: Not being able to reach your destinations while in your dreams as a result of the appearance of hindrances such as a river, a ditch, a building, a bush, some cruel creatures, etc., which stand in your way; Loss of direction to your destination; Seeing yourself once again in your old school and in uniform while you are in a dream; Constantly seeing yourself in a poverty state, almost naked, or improperly dressed in your dreams; Giving birth or nursing babies in the dreams; Constantly having sex in the dream especially with a stranger; Being constantly pursued by masquerades, mad persons, snakes, dogs, lions, or other animals in your dreams; Constantly climbing stairs, or riding on elevators in a dream, and not reaching your destinations, for reasons such as the stairs being too steep, broken, or has no end, or that the elevator is malfunctioning and does not respond to control; Constantly swimming in a river; Constantly eating food in your dreams.This list can be unending. These are only examples. An experience deliverance minister will be able to tell you whether the particular symptoms you experience are those of demonic presence in your life.

Never disregard symptoms like these, as they speak volumes. God uses them to tell you that there is a demonic presence that needs to be addressed in your life before you can experience the breakthrough you expect. When you have symptoms like these, they indicate that there are hidden curses running in your life, and you will have to seek God’s face to have Him reveal the detail to you. God can also reveal through self-examination of one’s present and past lives, the lives of parents and ancestors. Also look for patterns in your family line. Some common sources were dealt with in my last article, “We are fighting the invisible war.” You may request for that title when you call or write.

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    I’m fighting most of this things I don’t know what to do I have no help I can’t hear God every one seems to scared of me in even inside church what do I do can someone tell me what do please most of my family don’t God only me mostly seeking for for answer.

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      Go to YouTube and search for Kevin LA Ewing. He does biblical teachings on how to break these things

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